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Alison teaches classes through The Writing Salon in Berkeley CA. 

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"I’ve had the good fortune of attending roughly ten of Alison’s writing workshops. I was always astonished by the high level of writing she elicited from her students, myself included.


She has a skill in igniting what is latent in others, she is warm and engaging, making even the most reticent person feel welcome; she is a knowledgeable, magnetic and accomplished writer and teacher."
- Tim McKee, former managing editor of The Sun, current Acquisitions Editor, North Atlantic Books


"Alison’s teaching style is a delight. She is informal and warm. She guides the group very well and presents a variety of opportunities for expression that certainly helped me grow."

- Naneen Karraker


Alison offers one-on-one coaching for both aspiring & accomplished writers.

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"Working with Alison has been invaluable - she has provided me with profound lessons on how to hone my craft. Our one-on-one coaching sessions have made me a better poet and essayist - she helps me maintain my voice but amplifies it so it will be heard.


She is incredibly supportive yet is honest and forthcoming. She draws on her incredible knowledge of different forms and genres as well as her experience as a teacher. Every session with Alison pushes me to dig deeper and work harder. She's like my own personal writing "cheerleader." And it's paying off! I am starting to getting my poems accepted for publication!"

- Felicia Gustin


Alison provides editing and consultation for your works in progess.

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"Alison is a knowledgeable and patient editor. She reads my work with an eye for detail, clarity, beauty, and subtlety. She helps me tell the truth. She is generous with her praise and has elevated each piece I've written.
- Dianne Jacob, author, Will Write for Food


Alison is available for readings, workshops, and keynotes.

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"Alison reads her poetry stunningly. She has stage experience and she brings a playfulness with her when she reads. From the first word, this confident woman enlivens her wonderful poetry.


Spoiler alert: If you were hoping for the usual standard "poetry voice," you won't hear it from Alison. In turns her body leans towards you, her head tilts with a question, her eyes become wide then mischievous in turn, she laughs and then tells you it to you straight.


Alison brings each listener along, loops back to make sure he is still there. We receive a gift twice: the poem itself, and Alison live. Every poem is a story and the audience won't want to miss a word."

- Carey Kozuszek

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